【地下空港/4月番外実験公演&11月音楽劇の海外公演(企画中)出演者募集 締切1/21】

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舞台芸術集団 地下空港では、2018年に行うプロジェクトの出演者・スタッフを募集いたします。ご興味のある方は下記の応募概要をご覧の上、奮ってご応募ください。皆様のご応募お待ちしております。

We, Underground Airport will do audition for our 2018 season. And also will look for staffs for creative and management section. If you are interested, please send e-mail to us!!


○4月後半、番外実験公演vol.5『Were born / ワー・ボーン』@都内某所
Our new work, "Were born" will come in April in SOMEWHERE in Tokyo.
 Actors, Staffs, Artists who can collaborate with us are wanted!

 Artistic Director, Yasuro Ito did very ambitious projects in 2017, such as "Poseidon's Fang" in Kinokuniya Theatre in Shinjuku, and also site-specific play "Safaring the Night" with PIA company. In 2018, he is hoping to create a new piece which reflects our (before war?) time.

 〔募集内容 Ditails〕


  Staffs: Set design, Sound, Lighting, Management

  Artists: Painter, Singer, Dancer, Media Artist, who is interested in collaborative work.


 We are now planning to go abroad tour in Nov-Dec in 2018.
 A main role actor and three actors are wanted.


 □主演俳優(男性):歌唱力と体力のある方。 Mail role actor: who can sing and have stamina!

 □出演者(男女数名) Actors (male, female)

 □制作スタッフ 英会話、英文メールなど可能な方。
  Management staff : who can do Japanese-English translation

 Auditions and meetings will be held in Feb!

 For this call, we really would like to meet you.

 Date: 1st and 2nd of Feb in Tokyo


 応募ご希望の方は、undergroundairportあっとまーくgmail.com に下記の事項を記入の上、お送りください。
 Please send e-mail to undergroundairport @ gmail.com (←Please do not copy this address.)

 ◆件名 地下空港募集の件(スタッフor出演者orアーティスト)
  Subject: Application for Underground Airport

  Your Name

  Please attach your photo to your e-mail.

  Date of birth

  Address and phone

  Which project you would like to join? And as Actor? Staff?

  Your resume.

 ◆舞台芸術集団 地下空港の観劇作品とその感想
  If you see Underground Airport's work, please tell your impression.

  Why you apply this call?

 ◆上記オーディション/面談 参加可能な日程
  Date you will be able to join the audition/meeting. (Please choose 1st or 2nd of Feb.)

 《応募締切 Due date》
 21st Jan 2018. 10pm.

 《応募・お問い合わせ Application and Questions》

 undergroundairport atmark gmail.com

ということで2018年も舞台芸術集団 地下空港はより自由に、かつ時代に対しての責任感を持って、お客さまに熱い作品をお届けしてゆきます。皆さまとの出会いを、一同楽しみに致しております!

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