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I.C.C.A オープンワークショップ 2013

I.C.C.A(International Centre for Creative Arts)は2013年に短期ワークショップを企画します。期間は6日間で2週間に分けて行う予定です。それぞれのワークショップは参加者が経験と知識をうまく得られるような順番で組まれています。

初回、6日間に渡り行われた「Le Jeu! (*フランス語。日本語訳は「遊び」) 」は、ゲームや即興を用いたワークショップで、自分以外の他人と舞台上で共存し、舞台上で「生きる」ためのエクササイズや、即興を行う上で、リズムや形、空間というものが演技者にとってどのように重要なツールになっていくかについてを見ていきました。





5月16日(木) 18-21時
5月17日(金) 18-21時
5月18日(土) 13-21時
5月24日(金) 18-21時
5月25日(土) 18-21時
5月26日(日) 13-21時

6日間 12000円
3日間 10000円
各1日ずつ 4000円


Facebook ページ:http://www.facebook.com/InternationalCCA


I.C.C.A Open Workshops 2013

I.C.C.A will be running several intensive workshops throughout 2013. These will be six days in length spread over two weeks. We intend to order the workshops in what we feel is a pedagogical order so each workshop is connected to and builds of the participants knowledge and experience of the last.

Awareness through Movement:
Feldenkrais technique and the Neutral Mask.

Feldenkrais is the most significant movement system to be recently adopted and adapted by theatre practitioners. The Neutral Mask and Feldenkrais technique work by differing means to offer a challenging but subtle approach to our own movement. The goal in this workshop is to improve the quality of movement in life first and then discover possible echoes in the theatre using the neutral mask. Performers of all kinds will find particular benefit from the fullness of breath, a freer emotional life and a relaxed confidence that comes from a heightened awareness. Feldenkrais and neutral mask is great for actors dancers, teachers, people involved in therapy and sports.

Thursday 16 May 2013 18-21.00
Friday 17 May 2013 18-21.00
Saturday 18 May 2013 13-21.00
Friday 24 May 2013 18-21.00
Saturday 25 May 2013 18-21.00
Sunday 26 May 2013 13-21.00

Full six days: 12, 000 Yen
Any three days: 10,000 Yen
Each individual day: 4,000Yen.

* Please let us know if you have any physical problems that may affect your participation before hand and we can supply extra exercises in the workshops to help you.
* We won’t be able to have more than 20 people per workshop.
* For any other information, questions and reservations for workshops please email us.

James Sutherland
(Founder of International Center for Creative Arts)
Email: i.c.c.atokyo@gmail.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/InternationalCCA